Outdoor Clinics - Radiotherapy
Name Rank New Ticket Old Ticket
Dr. Anup Majumdar Professor & HOD Monday Monday & Thursday
Dr. Siddhartha Basu Professor Tuesday Tuesday & Friday
Dr. Sajal Ghosh Professor Wednesday (3:1) Wednesday & Saturday
Dr. Anindya Chakrabarty Assistant professor Wednesday (1:3) Wednesday & Saturday
DR. Alok Ghosh Dastidar Associate Professor Thursday (2:1) Thursday & Monday
Dr. Kaushik Chatterjee Assistant professor Thursday (1:2) Thursday & Monday
Dr. Kiran Shankar Bhattacharya Assistant Professor Friday (1:1) Friday & Tuesday
Dr. Suman Ghorai Assistant Professor Friday (1:1) Friday & Tuesday
Dr. Jayanta Biswas Associate Professor Saturday (1:1) Saturday & Wednesday
Dr. Bikramjit Chakraborty Assistant Professor Saturday (1:1) Saturday & Wednesday
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